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Tips for Creating Awesome Apps #2

Tips for Creating Awesome Apps for Your Business – Number 2: Think Community

Number 2 of the Tips for Creating Awesome Apps is Community.  Think Community.

Why do you even want an app?  Apps are great for businesses who have regular customers, or a circle of fans, or a circle of clients who know and trust them.  Apps are great for increasing the frequency of orders, and for increasing the value of the orders from that customer base.  And apps are established on the phones and tablets of your customers, which has the effect of locking your customers in, and making it less likely they’ll go elsewhere.

Famously, on your website you customer is only a click away from your competitors.  On your app, that is emphatically not the case.  And having an app opens up direct, dedicated channels of communication from you to your customers.

So, take a manufacturer of plastic packing cases.  He makes a simple ecommerce app which lets his customers or the different sizes of cases whenever they want, from the app.  His customer stays logged in on the app, and can click and order the correct packing cases from anywhere on the factory or warehouse floor.  It’s trusted and it’s easy and it’s mobile, and it keeps the customer from gong online and coming across alternatives.

So, the Number 2 of the Tips for Creating Awesome Apps is Community.  But remember, that means if you don’t already have a natural community, apps might not be the thing for you.  Apps are not great for getting new leads, or getting new customers.  For that, an app is a waste of money.


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