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Tips for Creating Awesome Apps #4: Give them a Reason to Download

Your customers won’t just happen across your app when they’re looking on Google.  They will have to make a conscious decision to look you up, follow a link or snap a QR code to download your app.

This is why you need to give them a really compelling reason to download the app.  And of course this goes straight back to the first of the Tips for Creating Awesome Apps, which was Keep it Simple.

Tips for Creating Awesome Apps #4: Give them a Compelling Reason to Download

So, with the motto of Keep it Simple in mind, you might decide that you simply want to get more business from your loyal customers at you takeaway pizza shop.  So you create an app with menus and ordering facility.  You bypass Just Eat, and you keeep all your loyal customers to yourself.  Perfect!  This makes perfect sense.  Except…  What is the compelling reason for your loyal customers to download the app and not go online, pick up the phone, rummage in the drawer for a paper menu or whatever?

In this case you’d have o reward them for downloading by giving access to exclusive deals, specials and so on.  You have to reward that loyalty.  If you can do that, the rewards can be spectacular.  One Fish and Chip shop client increased takeaway orders by 128% in terms of value.  This was on the back of 800 downloads by the way.

If you don’t have a great reason to download built into the design from the start, no amount of marketing after the fact will put this right.

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