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Tips for Creating Awesome Apps #5 You Don’t Have to Have an App

You don’t have to have an app.  There’s a pretty strong case for saying that every business needs a website, but no one would suggest that every business needs a mobile app.

This is a principle that should be in your mind when you are designing your app from the start and of course it ties in directly with the concept of Keep It Simple, and focus on one overriding function; and it’s a key part of having a compelling reason to download.

Tips for Creating Awesome Apps #5: You Don’t Have to Have an App

You don’t have an app.  So be sure you have a really good reason why you are designing and building your app.  Keep this in mind and it will really help with focus.

To help matters, here are some poor reasons for having an app, and some situations where you should not have an app.

  • Poor reason #1: You want an app because you want to look modern and up-to-date.  A poor app will soon be forgotten by both your customers and by you also.
  • Think twice about an app if you are just going to replicate material and functionality from your website.  It’s not a website, it’s an app.
  • Don’t have an app if you are not sure about how the functionality of the app will develop into the future.  In these cases, a good mobile-enabled website will be a better option.  This will be much more flexible, easier to change and adapt and so on.  You can develop the mobile website, see how customers are using it, and then think about how an app would build on this and be better.
  • If you are at the stage of “we could do this, and we could do this…” don’t start designing an app.  You CAN do anything you want, but if you are not sure what you are creating and what you’re motivations are, hold off.  Sort out what you are doing at the start.  A bit of a delay pinning things down at the start will save you from a failed project later on.

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